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We make gifting easier for your Dog Man fan. Create your own customized gift set by selecting three or more of the items shown below.  We take your selections, pack it with love, and send it straight to their doorstep (or office). Children will love receiving your personally picked gift. 

Contact us at Deb@We3Books.com to place an order.  Please include the following on your order: Dog Man Items you wish to purchase, your name, your address, email, and phone number. If you would like your gift shipped directly to the recipient, provide the recipient Name and address. We will use PayPal to invoice you. Shipping is $9.99 per set, shipped within the USA only.  (Contact us for international rates)  

Dog Man and Cat Kid Lunch Bag 10"


Dog Man Hardcover Book #1


Dog Man 9.5" Plush


Dog Man Petey 9"


Dog Man and Cat Kid Hardcover book


Dog Man Cat Kid 6.5"


Cat Kid Comic Club Hardcover Book #1


Dog Man's Cat Kid Backpack Pull 5"



Dog Man 9.5" Plush ($21) + Dog Man Cat Kid 6.5" ($17) + Dog Man Lunch Bag ($17)

Total = $55.00 plus $9.99 Shipping